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The list of items tested has been continually expanded over the years, and the MOT test is now a comprehensive yearly check of your vehicle and it’s safety on the road. Today’s MOT test includes the inspection of:

Lighting and signalling equipment

Steering (including suspension


Body, structure and general items. Includes body and components such as spoilers, bumpers and mirror housings.

Seat Belts

Exhaust, fuel and emissions

Driver’s view of the road

How do you know if your vehicle needs an oil change?

Changing the oil in your car is usually a quick and painless procedure when performed at a modern automotive service center. Lubricating oil in your vehicle is something that is vitally important to its well-being. Good, clean oil improves the performance of your car and extends the life of the engine, so why do many people delay in replacing their oil until there’s a visible problem?

A lot of drivers rely solely on mileage as a gauge of when their oil needs to be replaced, but other factors come into play as well, such as the quality of the oil, the age of the car and how the car is driven. Fresh, clean oil optimizes your vehicle’s performance by lubricating parts and keeping the engine clean and healthy. However, over time, the fluid breaks down and has difficulty performing its duties. Once this begins, your car likely will exhibit at least one of the warning signs below.

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